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Spread happiness through the town!

We are in Fabtown, what is typically the happiest and most peaceful town in the mysterious world of Senspace. What keeps this place so peaceful are its mysterious, good viruses called “Snees”. Recently however, the Snees have been disappearing from Fabtown and there are no smiles to be seen! Fabtown needs your help! Let’s build a “Master Sneez” together to sneeze some happiness back into this town!



Senspace is a next-generation entertainment company building unforgettable experiences that bring communities closer together, powered by blockchain technology.


Sneeze is a social infodemic game that spreads good virtual “viruses” across X to create deep connection between users as a revolutionary, new form of communication. With the power of Sneeze, new relationships are developed through the serendipity of shared experience.


MVNMT is a new, alternative unit built by creative company, Loftwork. MVMNT is a team specializing in creating new, future forward “movements” with artists and creators. Constantly prototyping new visions, big and small, MVMNT creates art, imagination and impact-driven content that hacks the status quo.