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Dec 11, 2023

Little Drip "It's Time to XX" and "SB-02 Little Drip Edition" Release Party

Dive into the world of Senspace, as Cosmos Juice Tomigaya transforms into Ichigo Café for Little Drip’s “It’s Time to XX” Mixtape Release Party. 

Little Drip, the cute café owner of Ichigo Café, hadn’t planned on becoming a musician—but they stumbled upon mysterious ancient music written on a prehistorical rock slab while on a routine delivery trip with their hardworking helpers, Walker and Rocks. 

We celebrate this unbelievable discovery by drawing Little Drip, Walker and Rocks’ massive jam session, vibing out to analog records selected by Lil’ Leise But Gold, a manga art gallery that depicts the characters’ story and a collab strawberry smoothie, “Little Drip Dream” from Cosmos Juice Tomigaya

🗓️ Date:Sunday, December 17th 2023

🕖 Time:1pm - 4pm

📍 Place:Cosmos Juice Tomigaya(Tokyo, Shibuya City, Tomigaya 2 Chome 23-5)

🎵Music selection from Lil’ Leise But Gold

🎨A collaborative group art activity for families

✨An exclusive strawberry smoothie “Little Drip Dream” made in collaboration with Cosmos Juice Tomigaya