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Jul 7, 2023

SB-01: Official Commercial and 'How to' Manual

The official commercial for Senspace’s first digital music player, “SB-01”!

Available on on July 12, 2023.

Featured in the fourth episode of ‘The World of Senspace’ and music video for “New Funk Technology”, the “SB-01” is an intelligent digital boombox that can play exclusive digital cassettes on Senspace’s upcoming streaming service found at

In this retro 40-second commercial, Senspace’s characters strut their stuff through town, carrying the SB-01 on their shoulders. Push and play and you can dance the way too!

Along with the release of the commercial, a ‘How to’ manual for SB-01 has been published. 

For those who own the SB-01, you’ll be able to access the SB-01 at By selecting a tape from the cassette rack, you can play music released by Senspace characters along with a custom visualizer for each tape.

On July 12th at 9PM JST, SB-01 and five companion cassettes will be simultaneously released. Be sure to grab an SB-01 and a tape before they’re gone!