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Oct 6, 2023

Dr. Booth x Rektnoodle Drop two new singles from "Tales From the Booth"!

You may have seen Dr. Booth and Rektnoodle team up in the ongoing manga series "The Rise of Dr. Booth." Now they're collabing on two new hip-hop singles!

"Sentucky Flats" and "One More Dance" cassettes will be available for free exclusively for owners of the "SB-01" boombox!

Sentucky Flats:

Everyone who grows up in a certain place feels the need to represent where they're from.

It wasn't always easy for Dr. Booth coming up in the Flats, but it’s made them who they are today and they’re grateful. Sentucky Flats is their origin story. The song was produced by Rektnoodle.

One More Dance:

Sometimes in life all you need is another chance. “One More Dance” is a story of opening up and finding the source of love inside ourselves. The song was produced by Rektnoodle.

"Sentucky Flats" and "One More Dance" will be released at 9PM(JST) on October 6th.

Here's how to get the free cassettes:

1. Log into with the account that you used to purchase your SB-01.

2. Click through to the “Sentucky Flats” and “One More Dance ” product pages.

3. Purchase for free and bump the cassettes on the Senspace music player!

*Please note that you can only obtain one cassette at a time.

"Sentucky Flats" and "One More Dance" will also be included in the mixtape "Tales from the Booth," which is set to be released in late October. So for those who don't own an SB-01, stay tuned for the announcement of the mixtape release!