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Oct 24, 2023

“Tales From The Booth,” the debut mixtape from Dr. Booth and Rektnoodle

Following the release of singles “Sentucky Flats” and “One More Dance,” rapper Dr. Booth and producer Rektnoodle are dropping “Tales From The Booth,” a 16 track, old school meets new school, hip-hop mixtape. This marks Dr. Booth and Rektnoodle’s debut mixtape and will be released as a cassette from Cosmic Records.

After their meteoric rise from the Flats of Sentucky to rap icon, Dr. Booth celebrates their rise to fame with this carefully crafted masterpiece. "Tales From The Booth" is hard hitting yet thoughtful–a testament to what music from the heart and soul should sound like. Filled with emotion, clever wordplay and banging beats, this mixtape is sure to become a classic.

“Tales From The Booth” drops on 10/24 9PM JST/8AM EST at as a digital cassette. Music can be accessed through Senspace’s custom music player ( with the purchase of a digital boombox character “SB-02,” also on sale 10/24.

Learn more about the world of Senspace and the backstory behind this monumental mixtape release from Dr. Booth, captured in an original manga series “The Rise of The Booth” at Senspace’s official Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Dr.Booth - Tales From The Booth

On Sale: Oct. 24th 9pm JST


Price: $14.99