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Dec 11, 2023

Senspace Character Artist, Little Drip Releases "It's Time To XX" and "SB-02 Little Drip Edition"

Following the discovery of ancient music on a stone slab hidden in the depths of the jungle, Ichigo Café owner, Little Drip is releasing their inaugural solo beat tape, “It’s Time To XX.” The beat tape will be released from Ma Ma Forest record label, Evergreen Echoes. 

This unique cassette features elements of what seem to be several musical genres and yet cannot be encapsulated in a single word. You can play the music in the background while you work, while you’re walking along on a sunny day and even dance to it. Little Drip has left it to you, the listener, to decide how to feel or what to do while you listen. 

“It’s Time To XX” drops on Thursday, 12/14 9PM JST/7AM EST at as a digital cassette. Music can be accessed through Senspace’s custom music player ( with the purchase of a digital boombox “SB-02” or “SB-02 Little Drip Edition,” a new custom, SB-02 color way made by Polygon Electronics in collaboration with Little Drip, also on sale 12/14.  

"It’s Time To XX" & "SB-02 Little Drip Edition"

On Sale: Thursday, Dec. 14th 9pm JST

Price: (It's Time To XX) $14.99 / (SB-02 "Little Drip Edition") $34.99

Available at: Official Senspace Shop

※1) Purchase with credit card or crypto wallet.

※2) This product is a digital item and does not exist in reality.

※3) One item each per customer.

※4) Cassette tapes and device character sold separately.

※5) To listen to cassette tapes, a device character (SB-01 or SB-02) is required.

Learn how to enjoy the "Player" page here!