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Jan 18, 2024

Event Report: Senspace and MVMNT present "SNEEZE MAKER" at DIG SHIBUYA

Senspace, in collaboration with MVMNT, brought “'SNEEZE MAKER”' to life at FabCafe in Shibuya during the DIG SHIBUYA festival on January 13, 2024. This creative adventure unfolded as part of the launch event for 'SNEEZE,' a social info-demic game developed in partnership with artist/hacker Koki Ishihara, marking the first installment of MVMNT's Alternative Code Series.

The event kicked off with an insightful 30-minute talk session featuring Lennon Yamada and, Miku Sega from MVMNT, artist/hacker Koki Ishihara, and Ren Stern from Senspace, introducing the audience to Senspace and SNEEZE, after which they dove into the “SNEEZE MAKER” workshop.

As part of “SNEEZE MAKER,” 20+ participants in a 90-minute, experimental blockchain art workshop, where they crafted original viruses inspired by their 2024 aspirations for the new year to save the city of “Fabtown.”. This immersive experience emphasized the interplay between physical and digital connections and showcased the potential impact of Web3 technology and DAOs on everyday life.

The story of 'SNEEZE MAKER' unfolded in Fabtown, a peaceful town in the world of Senspace. Participants embarked on a mission to build a "Master Sneez" to restore happiness to Fabtown by collectively creating a virus masterpiece. The event concluded with a theme talk, reflecting on the 'SNEEZE MAKER' activity and how participants experienced DAO and blockchain technology, exploring its potential applications in various contexts.

The collaboration between Senspace and MVMNT successfully brought together diverse participants, fostering creativity, community engagement, and an understanding of innovative technologies. 'SNEEZE MAKER' left a lasting impact on all those involved, showcasing the power of collaborative art and the intersection of physical and digital world.

Check out the final “Master Sneez” from here